Discutindo a relação cinematograficamente

Mais de um mês sem portar nenhuma bizarrice em forma de vídeo que encontramos na rede. Para me redimir, apresento este divertido vídeo do canal POYKPAC Comedy. Movie Title Breakup, traz um casal discutindo vigorosamente (brigando mesmo) sua relação de forma cinematográfica.

E quando eu digo de forma cinematográfica, não estou falando de uma cena épica com drama, choro, trovões, trilha sonora, etc. Acontece que os ex-pombinhos usam apenas títulos de filmes para falar. E aí? Quantos você reconhece? E mais difícil ainda, quantos dos 154 longas você já assistiu?

Traffic, Waiting for Forever, Just My Luck, Seven, Like Crazy, Accidents Happen, Just Your Luck, Everyday, Babe, Be Cool, I'm Still Here, I Love You to Death, Pretty Woman, I Love You Too, When Do We Eat, Waitress, A Little Help, Jackass, I Am Sam, For Your Consideration, The Specials, Good Burger
As Good As It Gets, Out of Sight, Make it Happen, Taking Sides, Home Fries, Anything for Her, Layer Cake, Cake, Just Go With It, She's Having A Baby, Top Secret, Mamma Mia!, Anything For You, Baby Doll, She Gets What She Wants, Due Date, 9 1/2 Weeks, 8¹/2, Kick-Ass, Anything Else, Honey, Cocktail, Manhattan, Thank You, Precious, Juice, Milk, Beautiful, 15 Minutes, Can't Hardly Wait, Is Anybody There, Something's Gotta Give, Talk To Me, Get a Clue, Clue, I Know What You Did Last Summer, Heaven Help Us, What Is It?, Rumor Has It, Very Bad Things, How Do You Know, On the Waterfront, My Boss's Daughter, Saw, The Girl Next Door, Kissing A Fool, My Cousin Vinny, Saw II, He Said She Said, Please Give, Proof, Somewhere, Living Proof, Body of Evidence, Say Anything, Find Me Guilty, The Hot Chick
Next Door, What Planet Are You From?, She's Out Of My League, Maybe... Maybe Not, Definitely, Maybe, I Still Know What You Did Last Summer, Enough, Just a Kiss, Once, Liar, Liar, Just One Time, Answer This, Who Do You Love?, What's Love Got to Do with It?, Waiting..., It's Complicated, Still Waiting..., Just Tell Me What You Want, Nothing But the Truth, The Ugly Truth, Nothing to Lose, It's Kind of a Funny Story, Doubt, It, Why do Men Cheat?, I Am A Sex Addict, Cop Out, That's What I Am, It Runs in the Family, Two Can Play That Game, Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, People I Know, Jack, The Cable Guy, The Wrestler, The Mexican, You Don't Know Jack, The Doctor, The Artist, My Baby's Daddy, In The Name of the Father, If...., Who Am I?, The Man Who Wasn't There, Dear God, Why Did I Get Married?, Why Did I Get Married Too?, This is It, The Break-up, I Could Never Be Your Woman, Unfaithful, Look Who's Talking, Big, Dummy, Basket Case, Bully, Creep, Loser, Whore, Monster, Psycho, From Hell, Anti Christ, Cheaters, Shame, A Dirty Shame, A Low Down Dirty Shame, M, Don't Say A Word, Phffft, Shut Up Little Man, That's My Boy, Are We Done Yet, Eat Drink Man Woman, Clueless

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